The Lubstech E-Learning platform is an online Shared learning space through which our trainers and students share Course Material, Assignments, Discussions and Assessments from home or anywhere with the availability of an internet connection.
Whether your student is in primary school, secondary school, or a tertiary institution, the e-learning platform provides a safe and supportive learning environment that meets students and individuals where they are.

Yes we do have trainers. We hire and train highly skilled, experienced teaching professionals who are certified in their course areas and at every grade level they teach; many even have master’s or other advanced degrees. These exceptional teachers are specially trained in online instruction and tailor the learning experience for each and every student based on their challenges, needs, abilities, and passions.

At Lubstech ICT Training Center, meeting state standards is just the starting point. Designed by experts in online learning, our curriculum ignites curiosity and expands our students’ understanding of the world and their place in it. From learning about core concepts to using their new knowledge to fuel their creativity, our students build the essential skills and adaptability they need to go further in the classroom and wherever life takes them.

  • Communication: Many students are more comfortable engaging in meaningful discussions online than in a classroom. These students might have hearing or speech impairments; speak different languages; have severe social anxiety; or simply need more time to organize their thoughts.
  • Personalized learning: Not all students learn the same way. Web-based learning allows instructors to deliver the same content using different media, like videos or simulations, personalizing learning.
  • Accessibility: Online programs transcend time, geographic, and other barriers to higher education.
  • Adaptability: Learning management systems that integrate text-to-speech and other adaptive technologies support learners with physical, behavioral, and learning challenges.
  • Engagement: Online instructors can use games, social media, virtual badges, and other engaging technologies to motivate students and enhance learning.

Apparently, we only give certificates to students upon successful completion of their courses. We intend to transform the learning centre into a fully stand alone academic institute where we hope to include provision of diploma and degrees to successful students.

The answer is yes. Successful online students tend to be organized self-starters who can complete their work without reporting to a traditional classroom. Learning styles and preferences matter, too. Prospective students enroll for programs that help them identify which ones offer the best chance of success.

At Lubstech ICT Training centre, we offer online students many of the same support services as campus-based students, though some are administered differently. For example, instead of going to a campus library, online students simply log in to virtual libraries stocked with digital materials, or work with research librarians by phone or email.

Our platform is typically designed to be as user-friendly as possible: intuitive controls, clear instructions, and tutorials guide students through new tasks. However, students still need basic computer skills to access and navigate these programs. These skills include: using a keyboard and a mouse; running computer programs; using the Internet; sending and receiving email; using word processing programs; and using forums and other collaborative tools.

You will need a computer, a high speed Internet connection, a newer version of a web browser, and access to common tools and software like word processors, email, etc. Some courses may have other software or technology requirements as well.

At Lubstech ICT Training center, we currently offer courses that take on weekly and monthly durations. You can register at any time within the academic year but we highly recommend you register once course starting dates have been posted on our main website.
Early registration is advised, at least one week prior to the first day of class, is encouraged for any student who is not familiar with computer hardware, the Internet, email.

The answer is yes. You can still acquire a certificate upon successful completition of your online program. The system will generate an electronic certificate which you can later print out.

Courses will be completed during stated weeks of the designated course duration in which they are offered. Most courses are two to four weeks in length and a few are 6 weeks. Assignments and course requirements must be completed by the due dates set by your instructor in the course syllabus. Any variance of this timeframe would need to be pre-approved by the instructor.

If you do not finish your course in time, you must inform your instructor with valid reasons early enough so that a reschudule of your program can be developed. If this is not done within a specified timeframe which is 1 week, your training program might be discontinued and you will be required to apply afresh.

Instructors stay in touch with their Online Learning students in a variety of ways, depending on the course design. Your instructor will explain the best way to reach him or her within the course home pages. You may communicate with your instructor through discussion groups, bulletin boards, chat rooms, assignment submissions, through email, or by telephone.

Proctored (supervised) exams may or may not be required for Online Learning courses. For courses that require proctored exams, students will be required to come to the learning center during the examination period.

Inform or contact the administration of Lubstech ICT Training Center in time so that they organize for a cancellation of your program depending on how long you have been enrolled in the course.
Please note that Tuition refunds might not be available in such a scenario.

All courses currently available on the Online Learning platform are listed at the courses section on our main website. If you are interested in pursuing a different course as long as its IT related, feel free to contact us via mail ( or call us and let us know which course you would like to pursue.
We have managed to partner with other academic institutes who we hire to teach and train our clients in so many other I.T related courses that are currently not listed on the website.

Lubstech ICT Training Center is located in Makerere Kikoni Zone B along Nanfumbab road.

Please visit the training center to join physically of visit our main website ( and enroll for a short course.